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Cereal Partner's Internet Privacy Policy

Cereal Partners UK does not sell, rent or otherwise make available any personal data submitted by visitors to our site to any third parties. This information is understood by us to mean your name, address, telephone/fax number and e-mail address. This information will not be used for any direct marketing or unsolicited follow-up unless we have previously informed you of this possible use and you have given us your express permission when submitting it. With your permission, Cereal Partners UK will use this information for such purposes as:

  • Sending you paper publications or other correspondence
  • Sending you e-mail press releases or notification
  • Delivering goods or prizes

Cereal Partners UK does make use of non-personally identifiable statistical information (browser type, geographical location, age, gender) for optimisation of our sites as part of our continual internal review process and in a general way to learn more about the consumers of our products. This information will not be disclosed to third parties by Cereal Partners UK

This data will only be used for the stated purpose, and will not be used for any unsolicited communication unless you give us permission. This is solely to tailor our sites to suit your needs better.

You may have your personal data deleted, corrected or revised by contacting us at Consumer Relations, Cereal Partners UK, Tel 0845 6017158 or email If you want to access to your data or if you have any questions about our privacy policy, please send us an e-mail or write to us at the above-mentioned address.

See our Cookies FAQ

Children and young people under 16 are advised to get permission from their parent or guardian before they submit personal data to Nestlé web sites.

Cookies FAQ

  1. What is a Cookie?
    A Cookie is a small string of text that is stored on your PC's hard disk, unless you delete it (or it expires). It is not a computer program, and cannot harm the data on your PC.
  2. How do I know when I have received a Cookie?
    You need to switch on the 'Alert before accepting Cookies' option in your browser.
  3. Should I switch on the alert?
    It's up to you. However, increasingly, sites are using more and more Cookies that expire when you switch off your browser; it can become tiresome to see so many alerts.
  4. What are Cookies for?
    Cookies have two functions. The first is to 'maintain state of an application'. Basically, this means that each time you come back to a site, you begin where you left off. For instance, you may only need to register to enter a site once. The second function is to track your path through the site.
  5. What does that mean?
    Tracking your path can help the site provider optimise the site based on popular paths or pages. You may feel that this knowledge of your use - the site provider could set up a profile of your particular habits - is an unwelcome intrusion into your privacy. However, bear in mind that no personally identifiable data is being collected.
  6. What is Nestlé's policy?
    First, we never pass statistical data on to 3rd parties. All Nestlé sites that use Cookies explain what use we are putting them to.
  7. Should I delete Cookies?
    Again, it's up to you. If you feel that Cookies are an intrusion into your privacy, delete them. However, we recommend that you do not delete them. This will usually decrease your access to useful information on subsequent visits to the site.
  8. Can Cookies be stolen from my PC?
    No. The information stored on your PC will only be transmitted to the server that sent them in the first place.
  9. How do I delete Cookies?
    Go to your Cookies folder, usually called 'Cookies' on your hard drive (C:\windows\cookies, for example), select them and delete them in the normal way.
  10. Why are they called 'Cookies'?
    Has this anything to do with Cereal Partners UK or Nestlé? Unfortunately not.